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DUI Mistakes, Omissions and Contradictions

DUI cases are won by exposing police mistakes.  Those mistakes must be exploited by a DUI attorney to your advantage.

An experienced DUI attorney knows the laws police must follow when conducting a DUI investigations, moreover, the search and seizure laws that can be asserted to win your case or challenge field sobriety testing.  The police may illegally interrogate and/or search, or the chemical results of the blood/alcohol concentration may not be accurate.  An experienced and local DUI attorney will get you the best results by exploiting police mistakes.

DUI Can Be Successfully Challenged

Most DUI cases settle without a jury trial. But these settlements may settle not in the driver's best interest. You should ignore bad advice that nothing can be done to get better results in court. We are DUI attorneys dedicated to only DUI defense, and only in local courthouses. Our success rate shows DUI charges can be beaten, and penalties either eliminated or greatly reduced.  

Beach Cites DUI



Do Not Let Your DUI Damage Your Life 

We fight tough to save your freedom, your money, your time, and your future.  You do not need to throw yourself at the mercy of a DUI prosecutor, and you do not need to simply accept a license suspension.  There are ways to beat, or at least substantially mitigate all of the penalties arising out of a DUI arrest.  The government does make mistakes but you need an experience DUI lawyer familiar with the laws to discover those mistakes and to know how to exploit those mistakes to your benefit.