DUI Arraignment 

This is the driver's first court appearance in front of a criminal judge. The DUI official written charges are presented, your attorney can get police reports, and a plea to the charges must be given to the judge. A plea of "not guilty" will get you a new court date in the DUI process.

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DUI Pretrial 

Pretrial dates are court dates in the DUI process where your attorney will begin to negotiate the merits and defenses with the prosecutor (and maybe with the judge). These dates are face-to-face and potentially long negotiations. It may also be a date where a case status report is given to the court. If your DUI attorney reached an agreement with the court, then a final court appearance is scheduled where the sentencing is finalized. But if an agreement is not reached after many attorney appearances, then the case is scheduled for trial.

The DUI Process is a battle on two fronts.  You will need to act quickly with the DMV to stop the automatic suspension which will take place ten (10) days after your arrest.  It is the DMV's job to suspend your license but you have the right to a hearing to challenge the suspension.  The time line of the DMV and Superior Court proceedings are important.​​  The arresting law agency should have provided you with a Notice to Appear.  This date pertains to the proceedings in the Superior Court that has jurisdiction.  If you are arrested for a DUI, a lawyer can go to court for you.

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DUI Trial

The attorneys and the judge will select 12 jurors to hear your DUI case. The prosecutor and defense attorney will present evidence and make arguments. The jurors then discuss the evidence in private, and decide if the DUI driver is guilty or not guilty. All jurors must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver is guilty of DUI. The trial process is the same in Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and all Los Angeles County courts.