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​​Beach Cities DUI 

- Honest:  we provide an honest approach and strive to build trust in the community and a reputation built on integrity.  

- Affordable:  we know times are tough.  Our business model is to limit overhead to pass the savings on to you.  Don't overpay your DUI lawyer.

- Experienced:  providing DUI representation since 2001, we have defended countless DUIs where we have obtained dismissals, stopped license suspensions, kept the Ignition Interlock Device out of vehicles and lowered penalties and fines.

- Caring:  we only do DUI defense because many, very good people can find themselves in this situation.  We really care about you and how a DUI will affect your life.  We don't represent criminals, we help good people through a tough time.  These charges can affect not only you, but your family.  You may be facing job loss or other harsh consequences that flow from a DUI conviction and license suspension.  We understand this and care about your personal circumstances.  Many times this can make a difference in a case. 

- Personal Representation:  when you call Beach Cities DUI, Aaron or Sheldon will take your call, not a secretary or call center.  We listen to you to ascertain all relevant facts and tailor your defense to your particular case.  We will make every appearance.  We do not hire out others to make appearances on your case and we keep you fully apprised of developments on your case.

Disclaimer - The information in this website does not constitute legal advice. We try to provide quality information , but make no guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of information contained within. Nothing provided should be used as a substitute for advice from counsel. DUI attorney in Torrance, lawyer, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, all beach cities .DUI attorneys dedicated to only DUI criminal defense.

Beach Cities DUI

Beach Cities DUI has a strong reputation in the South Bay for dedication to the practice of defending those arrested for DUI. Success flows from vigorous defense in court while taking a caring approach to working with clients. At Beach Cities DUI you can expect honest answers, aggressive representation, and payment plans.

​DUI Defense in Court and the DMV

We are dedicated DUI attorneys fighting the DMV everyday. Anyone arrested for DUI has ten (10) days to stop their license from being automatically suspended. We will stop the suspension immediately, and begin building your DUI defense. You have the right to Due Process, that means you get your day in Court, and before the DMV. We know the local DMV hearing officers and the laws they employ to suspend your license. We will stop the automatic suspension, acquire the police reports and the breath/blood results, and build the best defense possible. We do this everyday! You do not have to simply accept punishment. 

Under a pilot program, anyone convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles County will also be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device in their vehicle. We know how to keep this device out of your vehicle!

Our criminal practice is limited to DUI defense, so your case is as important as any other case in our office - you are not on the back burner to a murder case. We attend the same DUI Courtrooms, and see the same judges and prosecutors everyday. We know the procedures of the respective courts, particularly Torrance, LAX Airport Court, Inglewood, Long Beach and Compton. We are best situated to fight DUI charges because of our particularized practice to a refined geographic range.